Beats Music is spinoff of Beats Electronics, the headphones company founded by rapper Dr. Dre and longtime music industry exec Jimmy Iovine. We have been playing with the new music app and really find our self enjoying it! Beats Music will be major competition for Spotify as it gains popularity.

Beats-Target-Gift-CardIn a nutshell, we have a method that provides us with a certain amount of gift card codes that we can redeem on a Beats Music account. We are sharing some of these codes in an effort to turn people onto the online music streaming service and also because we are not fans of Spotify. Our gift card codes are the same ones you can purchase online from Target. We provide you with the $10 gift codes. These codes are not easy to come by so please follow the instructions below in order to attain yours today!

Note: We can only send 1 gift card code to a specific email address daily.
Coding Updated: 11/21/2015
1. Click on any of our Download buttons
2. Complete an offer to unlock information we need from you to send your gift code
3. Within a few hours, you will receive you 10 digit gift card PIN code
4. Enjoy Beats Music!

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